Sunday, September 25, 2022

 Yesterday there was a rat drinking from the watering sundial on the front porch.  I watched from my chair, and since it was taking its time I decided to pick up my phone and zoom in for a pic - which was when it decided to slink off into the bushes.  Now I'm thinking that maybe it wasn't seeing a bunny out the window that had Brownie so excited (and then focused for hours) the other day, but a rat instead.

This senior dummy experienced yet more frustration with my smart phone yesterday.  

And it's not like I was trying to hack into the Pentagon.

All I wanted was an address/website for red pins on a map...

 which SHOULDN'T be that hard!

But although I tried this and that for what seemed like a very long time (though it probably was "only" ten minutes) I never did figure it out. 

On the other hand, despite my technology incompetence...

Since the lantana aren't pulling out that easily any more, much of this morning's yardwork consisted of hand-trimming the vitex and privet "bushes" (more like trees) and cramming the detritus into the can.  

Now that I've showered I feel a whole lot better; I worked up quite a sweat in the mugginess.

Think I'll do some sewing before it's time to head over to Mary's for our visit.  And maybe by the time I get home Brownie will have returned from camping - and with some exciting stories to tell!

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