Wednesday, September 28, 2022

 Yesterday's cataract surgery, and lens implant, seemed to go fine - though they had obviously overscheduled patients.  Though my appt was for 9:20, there was a wait for a bed in the back and I didn't have the first part, laser breakup of the cataract, until after 10:30.  Then it was another hour's wait for the actual lens implant surgery.  That meant I had to get additional doses of propofol via the IV - which really burned.

No pain afterward, but definitely blurry vision, like looking through a thick sheet of plastic.  Once home I had something to eat and then took a several hour nap (lingering effects of the anesthesia, I assume) before dinner. And then I still went to bed early.

This morning my eye remains dilated (which I find somewhat surprising) so my vision is still blurry.  I have a post-surgery check up at 1:00, and will find out how normal that is.

In the meantime, I will be spending the morning at the dentist getting a new crown. 

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