Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Things were BUSY BUSY BUSY after I got home from Colorado on September 1st, and (once again) when I got a few days behind I just kept putting off posting.  So now it's been over two weeks!  

The hibiscus and duranta that I planted in my large blue birthday containers have been doing well, though it did take a while to decide where they should live on the front porch.  Now that they've been moved several times I think I've figured it out.

On Tuesday, the day after Labor Day, I was back to playing Catch up.  My first chiro visit (after all the digging/rock hauling at the hot springs) went well.  In fact we were both surprised at how little adjusting I needed.  

On the way home I stopped at PT (the ladies at the front desk were happy to see me once we confirmed that I had NOT relapsed and come in for additional treatment.  I'd gotten a zillion-page printout from "them", listing all my sessions (there were over 85!)  The box at the top of the first page, listed "Payment Due", was blank, and as I leafed through the pages there were zeroes in all of the last columns where it showed what I owed.  So it was a good thing I actually leafed through and took a peek at the last page - because it turned out that it showed a charge of $213.64 'owing'.  After they checked it turned out to be something about my Deduction, and I was more than willing to pay it - but we all agreed that there should have been something in that empty box on the first page.

Then it was a stop at the gym to (maybe) clear up some things with (latest Trainor Supervisor) Vee.

That afternoon I was headed to the bankto deposit a check at the ATM, and got as far as the driveway (very short trip for Brownie...) when I remembered that I was awaiting my new debit card since the old one had beenhacked.  Happily it arrived in the mail that afternoon.

On Wednesday morning I was the sole 'student' for Betsy.  At least I had some of my pieces made, and was ready to learn about the next steps.  That afternoon I showed up for my appointment with the eye surgeon (and yes, I ended up there for over 3 hours with all the tests.)  It didn't start out well; when I walked in the guy at the front desk wanted me to fill out a bunch of paperwork.  Since I had printed up the forms, filled them out, and driven them over in early August and I handed them directly to him I became a little cranky <G> to learn that had been lost.  Then, when I was leaving, he wanted me to fill out yet another form, and when I told him I had done that already with Tierra (when we were setting up the surgery there was a massive amount of paperwork to complete) he said, "That's a different department."  

On the plus side I am scheduled to do my left (and worse) eye on Tuesday, Sept. 27, and the surgery office is conveniently very close, at I-17 and Greenway. 

I managed to finish the last little bit of Ella Minnow Pea before that evening's Zoom, when I led the discussion.  Everyone really liked the book except for Lisa G, who was ambivilent.  All 3 books for next time sounded good, and we let Terry pick. So it'll be Once There Were Wolves, which I got in a very timely manner from the library.  And though I actually started it (and it starts out well) I've set it aside for a bit so I can read it closer to the meeting date.

Irrigation (which arrived on time, just as Book Club was starting so I "let" Tom and Alex deal with it) went well.

Thursday I was up early, and as soon as it was light outside hit the post-irrigation weedathon.  Tom left for Oregon around 7:30, and assured me he would be home before my scheduled eye surgery.  But just in case Life intervened I  arranged for Carol to be a back-up driver.

I was at the gym on time for my initial training session with Brock, and (gee, what a surprise) there was another snafu and it didn't happen.  At least I had energy to give Brownie a much-needed bath before the cleaners came on Friday.

That night I was up during the night with a very unpleasant headache that made me nauseated and pretty miserable.  After the cleaners left I had my haircut appt and then popped over to TOQS Bag Day for binding fabric and then the hardware store to pick up a hook for Alex to hang before he took off (new birdfeeder on the way) but was extremely glad to get home and be miserable.

The weekend was a bit of a blur; I really despise those 3-day headaches, and glad they don't occur any more frequently than they do!  Eventually got some relief after I made some matzoh ball/chicken soup, and got the binding made/attached, and halfway hand-stitched while I watched a movie about the USS Indianapolis (which I first learned about from the movie Jaws.)  Even did some trimming and raking so all cans could go out full on Monday, and did not enjoy the muggy weather!

Did watch the 9/11 coverage all afternoon, and many of the segments concerned a lot of things 'discovered' over the past two decades, such as how they had side-stepped many of the safety protocols during construction of the towers.  

Sunday morning I awoke with no headache YAY fell back asleep, and slept in until 8:00!!!  

Because I wanted to make stir fry for dinner and needed some things I made a trip to the grocery store - and coming in from the garage I took another 'trip' on that step.   No clue how I managed not to actually fall, and with everyone gone it could have been  really, really bad!

In the afternoon I finished the binding except for the tail, which I saved to do in the morning when I eould be fresher.  I'd finished up Marilyn's thread (did have another spool in reserve,)

Did manage to load the Uber app "all by myself", and even connect it to the credit card (though that part was harder than it should have been.

In the early evening we got a HARD rain, accompannied by strong winds which knocked a huge limb off one of the trees along the center ditch.  It landed on Alex's hammock, but incredibly didn't seem to damage it.  He has been resistant to having those trees trimmed - but that's a prime example of why it absolutely needs to be done!  Last winter the crew was here for two days but we still didn't have time for the ditch trees.  This year that will be near the top of the list!  When the exterminator was here on that Monday he lifted it off (at my request) but it was WAY too heavy for me to drag of our bulk trash staging area.  

I took advantage of the rain to weed areas that don't get irrigation; not only does that make mowing easier with 'just' grass, but keeps the property from looking abandoned.  When it was time to come in from the Back 40, Brownie decided to lie down (and cool off?) in a mud puddle.  So guess who got to be rinsed off on the top step of the pool?

I grabbed a shower of my own, and then headed to the dentist for a routine cleaning.  That was when Molly noticed a sizeable chip (and cracks) on one tooth, though happily it hadn't given me any pain and I'd been totally unaware.  When the doc checked it turns out I do need a crown, but etween my schedule and his finding a date was not easy. and we ended up having to schedule that proceduere for the morning after my cataract surgery.

I thought Alex was gone, but it turned out that he'd post-poned his trip a day so we ended up going out for a belated birthday dinner at Carrabba's that evening.  I wanted to skip birthday cake (I was having my blood drawn the following day and didn't want to be 'contaminated' with sugar) but he inisted I get the Chocolate Dream and bring it home to eat afterward.  So I did.

Monday evening/night we got more rain, so I was back out weeding Tuesday morning.

Had my first session with Brock, and it did go well.  (Of course the actual trainers were never the issue, just the lack of continuity.)  Then it was a quick trip to Winco 'next door' because I needed fruit for Foothills snacks the next day.

Once I had my blood draw I had cake for lunch - and polished off the entire piece.  The bird feeder did arrive, so I filled that up and hung it.  It is a nice addition to the fifth window - but the song birds have not found it.  Guess it'll just be ornamental as opposed to functional

I was zooming around on Wednesday, cutting up fruit, and "forgot" that I'd brought my bag to sew the label and finish the binding tail that I'd joined during the business part of the meeting.  At least I remembered it for Show & Tell - and everyone loved it.

In the afternoon I tried to get a new screen protector at Verizon.  The one near hear doesn't carry the one I'd gotten, and sent me to Corporate (75 & Bell) where of coure I'd been near that morning.  First the guy had to get me signed up with the life-time warranty; luckily I'd been able to put my hands on the paperwork easily. But no matter how many times he tried, at the same point in the procedure he ran into a problem.

On the plus side, The Container Store was next door, and I was able to get a drawer organizer for 'that' jumbled kitchen drawer.  It's now in great shape, with things things easily findable.  I look forward to Tom to 'discovering ' it once he starts cooking.  (Last night I grilled salmon, accompanied by rice and steamed broccoli and cauliflower, which was GREATLY appreciated by him.)

Thursday morning I was hard at it, with hours of yardwork including the labor-intensive job of trimming the deck.  The real shocker was that I was actually looking forward to going to the gym later that morning.  There was a mix-up on the time <sigh> so I was half an hour early and used that time to work out on my own!  It then felt very good that I needed Brock to up weights during my time with him.

In the afternoon I drove Wanda to her chiro appointment.  She feels guilty about asking for rides, but I truly don't mind.  As I've told her, I'll tell her if I can't do it (like on Tuesday, when I was slammed with other appointments.)

On Friday morning I was getting the quilt ready to mail to Dan and wanted to print up the washing instructions.  So of course the printer was out of ink, necessitating a run to Target when they opened at 8:00.  But then I couldn't get the old cartridges out, and was afriad to push/pull too hard and break the plastic holder.  So I wrote out the instructions by hand.

Then I ran out of tape wrapping the box, so instead of going to the hardware store after mailing the package I swung by first (and also picked up a scraper to replace the one that disappeared the other day when I was working on the driveway.)  I was pleasantly surprised that priority postage for the box didn't cost more than it did, and happy that I'd made it in before the post office guy came by for pick up that morning.  It should arrive in NM any day now!

On the way home I stopped in at at yard sale (house is up for sale, and met Gail) where I picked up some anti-peach balls for next Spring.  Then I stopped to visit with Joy, who was just finishing up weeding her ditch (I was GOING to do that with my new tool, which I showed her I'd just bought.)  We scheduled a tutorial for Saturday.

Saturday morning I took Brownie for a walk (he was thrilled) and bumped into Dave taking his dog for a walk.  That's when I first learned of Neva's car accident; she'd been T-boned by a red-light-runner almost a year ago, resulting in 11broken bones, and is still doing rehab.  Luckily everyone (she had the grandkids with her) was belted, and the side air-bags saved the kids from serious injury.

While I was doing major electic trimming out front (the bushes outside the bedrooms sure grow like weeds) Stuart rode by, and I was able to thank him for mowing our strips.  Then Joy appeared, and we did her vinegar tutorial.  After that she came over to admire my plants, and I potted the rooted pothos for her.  Then more yardwork, finishing up around noon.  Of course I did take frequent rest/water breaks.

Sunday afternoon I ran three errands, all basically within a mile of the house (and with Brownie excited to be riding shotgun.) I was happy to drop off 3 bags at Kathi's, and a bunch of stuff at Savers, clearing shelves in the laundry room and the table in the garage.  Once it cools off more (yes, I know it'll 'officially' be Fall in a few days, but...) I will again attack the rest of the garage.

I've also been doing serious clean out of some file cabinet drawers.  All financial, bank, and credit card card statements needed to be shredded (and it's too embarrassing to mention how many YEARS some of those went back) and then I got started on outdated house/car insurance paperwork.  Filled many bags (which went out yesterday) before I killed the shredder.

Since Tom decided to skip his visit to Carlo's in Idaho he would be returning sooner than expected.  I thought I would have a few more days to finish up some projects (a couple of which needed Alex's final touches, and he's still out of town.)  So Monday morning there was a serious push to finish up some projects.  Tom arrived tired and dirty - and very glad to be done with the 2-day drive.  

Monday morning I had a routine visit with the oncologist - and have "graduated"!  On the way home I swung by Emissions to have the car tested (it passed) and didn't have to wait at all.  Quick stop at the store for a few items for dinner, and then a little more putzing around the house before Tom got home.

Rain last night (of course - we're getting irrigation around noon) so I did a bit more yardwork.  Was a bit worried when I came in and saw that I had a message from Brock - but he simply wanted to push back today's session half an hour.

Not going to proof-read or add pix - just want to get this posted!

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