Sunday, August 6, 2017

Yesterday's auction was successful: OLT raised over $2,000, surpassing last year's total.  (I've already got an idea for what to make and donate for next year.) 

Here's the watercolor I'm taking home with me.

Terry wondered how people compared Friday night's band to the one last night.  All the comments I heard today ran along the lines of "last night's music was good - but Friday night's was better."

Breakfast at the pavilion this morning was delicious, as expected -
and of course very well attended.  But no one seemed to mind the wait in line. 

I ended up behind Marvin (a sweet Aussie I met the other day by the pool) and his parents.

Tracy was wearing a shirt from a 5K she ran in college, with this quote on the back.  "The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them."

Tracy went to college in Winona, MN - Neil's hometown!

Of course I've been seeing a lot of "old-timers" this weekend.  Yesterday afternoon, on my way to check out the auction goodies, I stopped to listen to some guitar music.  Turned out to be Jim (a local I've known since I first started coming here 37 years ago) and Roger (from the band last night.)  At breakfast this morning I ended up sitting with Music Mark, and Fayetteville Scott.

Stacy and Rocky recognized me yesterday.  I "knew" that I knew them, but since Stacy wasn't wearing her DO SOMETHING hat then <g> I couldn't put a name to them until they 'introduced' themselves.  They saw the quilt raffle sign in the bathhouse, and wanted to buy tickets today.  However the pen I had with me wouldn't write so it hasn't happened... yet.

I started out at the apple pool, then migrated to the party pool which was pretty busy.  Justin and Dano were playing water chess on a floating board in the rapidly disappearing shade.

Some folks had brought umbrellas, and Joy was wearing this hat that would work great for Tom.  His straw hat for mowing is getting quite ratty.

It has a mesh liner, and the headband is lined
with a towel-like fabric to absorb sweat.

There was an adorable pooch there (think it was the dog Terry and I passed driving up to the potluck yesterday, when I commented how cute it was.) Didn't get a pic today because its parents were toweling off and leaving.  It's name is Pika, and when I looked at the tag it said Pika Chu.  Dad is Asian... and Chu is his last name.  Cute name for a cute pooch! (Not sure of the breed)


Other folks who recognized me yesterday were Sophie and parents.  They were disappointed that Tom wasn't here this year; last year they talked rocks, and he'd given them some obsidian.  I was disappointed that they hadn't brought their alligator this year... <g>  

Sophie corralled one of the garter snakes up at the party pool, and for a few minutes we shared it with folks (one woman was SO excited to finally have a chance to hold a snake) before letting it slither away into the grass.

I left the pool when I figured I'd had enough sun, but now it's clouded up and weather looks like it's moving in.  For a change..., lol

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