Thursday, August 3, 2017

The staff here is gearing up for the party this weekend, and part of getting ready is organizing all the auction items.  So I delivered my wall-hanging to the office, and everyone there LOVED it.  Of course I'll be sure to report how much $ it generates for the astronomy program.

"Someone" (most likely Warren) has built some delightful ducks (or 'swans' <g>) outside the Welcome Center.  The first pic I snapped makes it look like the entrance gate runs right through it! (That's the Massage Tipi in the background.)

Then Marie walked by, so I took another one with her for scale.

Here's another cairn down below.

And this taller one off to the side.

A picture with me in it!

I made sure I didn't touch anything - but "somehow" when I squatted down, one of rocks landed on me. (Guess I could pretend that I'm building it?) 

After the big weekend Steve is going on an annual camping trip with friends.  He just had a new 6-person tent delivered, and decided that maybe (!) it would be a good idea to set it up ahead of time in the backyard.  That turned out to be a good idea because it had very convoluted directions, but eventually he and Terry and I were able to figure it out.

It's quite nice, with a front and back door, plus it is tall enough inside to stand. (We also put on the rain fly, not shown in my photo.) The tent not only has a large number of pockets and nets built inside to help keep track of little things like keys or glasses or a phone - but also 4 flip-open cup holders!

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