Wednesday, August 9, 2017

It's been a gorgeous day, perfect for relaxing at the Party Pool.  It was nice that there were plenty of spare noodles waiting...

but the real bonus was what was just above them!  Can you see it?

The fawns are usually much more cautious than the does, but this one is apparently braver than most.  Obviously it didn't seem to mind all the folks soaking, and was grazing only about 5 yards from where I was standing.

The algae in the pool is always fun to play with; the kids enjoyed making moustaches/beards with it. Today Bill used it to create this impressive artwork on the rocks.

Every time I bring out my Talenti jar of trail mix somebody mentions how handy those containers are.  Today Matt said they're just the perfect size for one of the shelves in their RV, are watertight (when ice melts in the cooler), and "as a bonus come with free ice cream."  I'm partial to the mango sorbetto <YUM> but have tried their ice cream - and 'approve'.

It was such a nice day (translation: it still isn't raining....) that Terry decided to hang out on the hammock in the backyard for a bit.  Shadow came with to supervise.

Neil didn't swing, but definitely looks dapper with his shades on. 

I got this today from Mom about her dinner with Alex last night:  

I had a lovely dinner with Alex yesterday and a very nice friend of his (forgot his name). Sandy and Andy couldn’t make it.  We went to the Chinese restaurant in the Target shopping center. And Alex even picked up the check. He watched over me carefully and took very good care of me. He’s growing into a fine young man and you can be very proud of him.

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