Thursday, August 3, 2017

After dinner last night (salmon kabobs!) I made it up to the pavilion where there was music happening.  As long as I was up there <g> I 'forced' myself to toast a few marshmallows.  (Even though there were plenty of s'more fixings available, I remained a purist and stuck with naked sugar.) 

This is how I like to cook mine: just peel off the charred outer layer, eat, and roast again.  At the very least I can get three "servings" from one marshmallow.

Unfortunately at one point the layer I grabbed was beyond hot, burning my finger and raising a blister. Glad it was just my finger and not my tongue/mouth, and already this morning it's feeling (and looking) much better.  Pretty sure <g> I'm going to survive!

Time to pop up for an early morning soak before the day gets going.  In the meantime, here's the latest pic of Maggie with the extended family.

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