Friday, August 4, 2017

It's been a bee-yoo-tee-ful day (ALL day for a change) so after we got Neil squared away at the end of the morning I headed back towards the water to take advantage of the sunshine.  Ran into Eileen & Kate by the swimming pool, so that was as far as I got.  Kate played and sang (how did I miss that last summer?) which was wonderful - and Marie and I even got in some dancing poolside. 

Watched a guy trying to rescue something from the pool deck, and it turned out to be a TINY blue-tailed skink.  Even though I had my camera set to Macro, it just wouldn't focus.  This is what a blue-tailed skink looks like:

But blurry as my pic is, you can see how tiny it is;
must have just recently hatched!

Manuel is a first-timer at Valley View, and said he would be uncomfortable being nude.  Which is perfectly fine and acceptable; no one is ever made to feel uncomfortable for wearing a bathing suit in this live-and-let-live clothing-optional atmosphere.  He was fine with me taking a picture of the thong-thing he was wearing (we called it a P-kini) as long as I didn't include his face - but the general consensus from everyone was that he was drawing a LOT more attention to himself than if he'd been nude like virtually everyone else.

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