Monday, August 7, 2017

After breakfast, in preparation for the bathroom part of the morning, I got Neil lifted from his wheelchair into the sling by myself.  (Terry had already done it a couple of times by herself - and I knew she was downstairs in the basement in case I needed her.)  It went smoothly, and is good to know that it can be done fairly easily by one person... especially since we've made most of the possible mistakes in the past few weeks and know what to look out for. 

Here are a couple of shots I took the other day:

Stacy and Rocky stopped by the house today on their way out (heading back to Colorado Springs) to buy some raffle tickets. (I did replace the pen in my pool bag with a working one for the next person who wants to buy tickets.)  

Love Stacy's 'do something' attire!

It's raining again (for a change? lol) so it's a good afternoon to stay inside.  Poor campers!

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