Tuesday, August 1, 2017

STILL no baby McGill yet - apparently I was misinformed about Emily having a C-section yesterday, and this little one is obviously in no hurry to make an appearance!

This morning I've gotten to visit with a number of staff who continue to arrive to help with the big annual party this coming weekend.  Everyone, of course, is disappointed that Tom is not making an appearance this summer, a sentiment voiced this morning by both David (the artist who won my auction item last summer, and who got the geology bug from Tom last year) and Andy.

Helping to put faces to names,
here are Camp Hosts David and Jessica (from Albuquerque) and Rosie.

David and Jessica's pooch Doley (sp?) has not been behaving as she should... but on the other hand is doing a great job on the porch of the Welcome Center, greeting people.  

Katie and Marie are taking a coffee break on the porch -

and Marie's daughter Ruby, who helped with Science Camp last week,
is also enjoying the morning on the porch.

These flowers grace the other side of the porch.

While there are a few clouds in the sky, it looks like it's going to be a lovely afternoon, with very little chance of rain predicted!  Unfortunately for the upcoming party weekend, rain is back in the forecast after tomorrow.

Keisha's 'mom' (who not only refused to have her picture taken, but also insisted on remaining nameless) did let me take a shot of her bird with Marie.

Cynthia is coming by this afternoon to give Neil a foot/leg massage (she gave me a great one last summer) we hope will help with his toe cramps. 

However after lunch I may be up soaking and not see her this visit.

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