Friday, August 4, 2017

Last night we watched Singin' in the Rain, which Terry had never seen (!)  It actually seemed to hold Neil's attention throughout.  (No matter how many times I've seen it, I still love watching it!)

Of course I'd been 'teasing' her this past week with my No No No Yes Yes Yes rendition - and still laugh when I think how Susan and I (who were in middle school at the time) absolutely drove her mother NUTS doing that all those years ago after we watched it on TV.

This bumper sticker caught my eye this morning on my way up to soak.  Of course if it had been BABY Magnolia instead it would have been even more of a winner... <g>

Of course I looked it up once I got back to the house,
and turns out to be a band from Denver.

Another great start to my day at the Apple Pools.  (To orient you, the white 'blob' in the upper left of the shot is the swimming pool, with the rock wall around it.)

While the Lower Apple was doing a brisk morning business, the Upper was empty.  This morning I had my camera with me, and worked at getting a shot with the spring bubbling up.  Not easy with the shutter delay, and you can see I was a tad too late here....

But before I 'ran out of film' <lol> I captured these.

I asked if anyone in Lower wanted to be in a "politically" correct shot
by the waterfall for my blog.

One woman volunteered to take a picture and let me be that person. 
So here I am again!

When I was leaving (to be back in time to help with Neil) I sang the beginning of Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho.  Craig asked if I knew what that was from (of course!) When someone asked if I could name all 7 Dwarves, I reeled off 5 with no problem.  One of the names I omitted was Grumpy (no doubt because who could be grumpy here?) and left there tasked with discovering the final name. 

Left the 7 of them still soaking - and not a one <lol> was grumpy!

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