Saturday, August 12, 2017


It's also their 36th official wedding anniversary - though they were together for 5 years before that.  (Maybe getting married on your hubby's birthday ensures that he won't forget your anniversary?) <g>

I got a great night's sleep last night, bailing a few minutes before 10:00 and asleep VERY shortly thereafter.  I could not finish watching the end of the movie, but since it was one I'd seen before (The Queen of Katwe) it didn't really matter. 

However when I bailed Terry realized she was tired also and paused the movie, so we'll finish it later today.  Steve was already back from his evening soak so at least I didn't leave Terry in the lurch for getting Neil into bed. 

Though I first opened my eyes before 5:00, next thing I knew it was almost 7:00.  So I should be able to make through this evening's festivities without nodding off into my dinner.

By the time I made it soak the apple pool it was a busy place.  Robert (whose hobbies are watercolor and photography) tried to fiddle with the settings on my camera so I could deal with the difficult light for my photos (there are a zillion settings on there I just ignore) though he wasn't able to totally adjust for it.  The flowers are somewhat washed out, but still got a reasonable shot. 

Robert now has my card, and I'm really looking forward to him sending me some pix of his watercolors, my absolute favorite medium!

Robin, from Taos (who has been coming here almost as long as I have) was there, and we also exchanged cards.  She does large glass installations (has had her work exhibited in many cities) and I offered <g> to display some of it in Phoenix... where we have plenty of light for it to play with!

The website listed on her card does not seem to exist on my computer (I double-checked how I typed in the address) so I won't share that here.  But her name does come up in a general search, with accompanying pix.

Terry whipped up blueberry pancakes for the birthday boy's breakfast.

Here's a card 

and a smooch for the Birthday Boy!

Now I'm going to sneak up to the party pool (while the sun is still shining)
and take a bit of a soak.

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