Thursday, August 10, 2017

After we got Neil squared away for the day, Terry headed to town for her weekly shop.  With Neil 'supervising' from the porch Steve and I set up his tent in the backyard so it could dry out.  They weren't blessed yesterday with the same glorious sunshine we had, and had to break camp in the rain.

The replacement slings for the Hoyer lift came in yesterday's mail, and Terry tried one out this morning.  Despite the advertised measurements they are considerably narrower (by a couple of inches on each side!) and not a good fit for Neil.  So they'll be going back.

Soaking one day I had overheard something about a music workshop (for adults) at the ranch this week.  Turns out it's for stringed instruments (guitar? fiddle? banjo? mandolin?) and this Saturday there's a potluck dinner at the ranch with some sort of concert afterward. 

Saturday is Neil's 63rd birthday, and that sounds like a fun way to celebrate; we'll be bringing birthday cake.  Terry tried to get Neil to choose what he wanted, but looks like she gets to decide what she's going to bake.

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