Thursday, August 3, 2017

Don puts it well!  I've always enjoyed his music (even brought one of his CDs on my road trip this summer) and am thrilled they are playing at the party this weekend.

Tumbleweed at Valley View Hot Springs for Annual Party

From 1973 to 1990 I played in a great big wild and crazy 5-piece country rock band called Tumbleweed. And during that stretch of time, numerous years we played for the annual party up at Valley View Hot Springs (photo above by John Lorenz), which is at the north end of the San Luis Valley, basically about 10 miles east of the village of Villa Grove, up on the lower slopes of the northern Sangre de Cristos. Over the years since then, Tumbleweed has played a number of times for various reunions and celebrations and such - at least enough times that we still pretty much remember the tunes and can do a show without straining our gray hairs too much - and it's still a whole bunch of fun! We had/have an amazing repertoire, spanning everything from Merle Haggard to the Moody Blues to CSNY to the Neville Brothers to who knows where, along with a number of our own original tunes - sort of specializing in that obscure genre "old hippie music". I get to play screaming electric guitar, and it's a great time with brothers I still love, and love to play with. So we're sure looking forward to this gathering.

Valley View is an incredibly special place - I've been going there since I was about 8 years old, and I love it dearly. It was run for many years by our friends Neil and Terry Seitz, who eventually established a land trust organization, called the Orient Land Trust, to take over the running of the place, and then Neil and Terry basically gave the whole place to OLT. Over the years, Neil and Terry had renovated the old structures (from the ghost town of Orient, thus the name), created a complete hydroelectric system to supply electricity to the cabins, rebuilt the pools, and basically made the place into a sustainable place that could handle the ongoing visitor load being experienced as the word spread abut this place. (And BTW - it's clothing optional - you do have to put up with some nekkid humans running around.)
As far as the party, if you want to come, you have be a member of OLT. It's a great place, and a great organization to support. I've always felt that Valley View is the most overtly healing place I have ever been, but I think it might be a little wild and crazy for that this weekend! Although healing comes in many forms, certainly!

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