Friday, August 11, 2017

Terry and I played some cribbage last night.  During our first game I was (well) ahead the entire game until she swept past me dramatically at the very end.  The second game went back and forth, though I was leading at the end and only needing 9 points to win.  With 8 points in my hand (and counting first since it was her crib) all I needed was to peg 1 measly point during the game.  Guess what (didn't) happen....  lol 

I was up early this morning, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 5:00.

So I ambled up for an early morning soak, and had a lovely discussion with Art and Tamara about historical fiction books, history programs on PBS, and history in general. 

When I got too warm (and that was in the Lower Apple!) I fixed that by swimming some laps in the cooler swimming pool. Not as many laps as I hoped (or would have liked!) but "some are better than none", right?

We keep adjusting ways to deal with Neil - it's definitely a learning process - and today we figured out a way to delete one sling transfer from the morning routine... which will work as long as he continues to cooperate by pulling himself up for a few seconds with the bathroom bar.

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