Saturday, August 12, 2017

Before I left to soak and was putting on sunscreen in front of the mirror, I noticed I was missing one of my earrings.  I assume it came out at the apple pool this morning when I pulled my dress over my head, so I stopped at there on my way up (and again on my way back) looking for it.  When I had no luck, I just assumed it was gone forever.  It was the only pair I brought with me, but luckily of a type that should be easily replaceable, so I wasn't too stressed (especially since Terry offered to loan me some to wear for the rest of my vacation.)   Then I ran into Steve on my way back to the house - he'd found it on the floor by Neil's bed!  Must have lost it when I was changing the bedding.

Eileen & Mike  recognized me up at the party pool; they'd been wondering if they'd see me this summer. She did get her mom to document/label her quilts (at my suggestion) this past winter, but we didn't really get to chat much because they were getting ready to head down for lunch.

Chatted with Chip (whose ex, Jane, officiated at last weekend's wedding) and heard more details about that wonderful day. They did not get the intense weather there (only about 3 miles from here as the crow flies!) that we had here, so happily it didn't interfere too much with their festivities.

Speaking of festivities, here's the flyer for tonight.

The sky had just started to cloud up when I headed back to the house, and we're all hoping that the weather comes and goes by mid-afternoon, as predicted.  Here's the current view of the darkening skies behind the Welcome Center, just a stone's throw from the house.

Forgot to mention that Cynthia dropped off a 20" zucchini, grown down at the ranch's garden, when she came to give Neil a massage on Wednesday; wish I'd taken a pic of the massive veggie!

Terry stuffed it for dinner last night (with browned ground turkey, onion, garlic, peppers, mushrooms, goat cheese, breadcrumbs and egg, spices and herbs) and then baked it.  Scrumptious! Then, for dessert, we leveled a peach cobbler she baked.  As well as I've been eating these past weeks I was surprised this morning, when we tried out the scale Terry just got in the mail, that I weighed the same as when I left Phoenix! 

I wasn't here when she and Steve tried to weigh Neil,
but it reportedly would not actually settle on a number with him.

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