Saturday, August 5, 2017

Yesterday was a busy afternoon.  Of  course with Neil there's often "something" (and yesterday it was the 'dripping water' episode). 

When I went to make a run over to Elinor's (mostly to drop off Terry's gift for Megan's baby shower in Villa Grove last evening, but also to pick up much-needed coffee for Terry that Elinor had picked up in town) my car was blocked in. 

During party weekend, any vehicle that is not being used for sleeping must be moved outside the gate onto Road GG. Staff members had relocated their cars to Terry's 'driveway', creating a wall of vehicles a couple rows wide and many deep; they hadn't expected me to need mine. 

When I drove back here I toyed with the idea of parking at the end of the queue on Road GG... but the line was so long that at the last minute I decided not to. 

Speaking of babies, yesterday Lisa G. let us know that she'd made the drive to the East Coast in time for the birth of her twin grandchildren, one boy and one girl.  One was just under 7 pounds and the other just over 7, though no word on names yet.

Deviled my eggs after I got back (Terry's baking massive amounts of cookies today for her contribution as I 'speak') so that was all done.  Maybe I should have taken the pic before I wrapped them...

While Terry was cooking dinner last night Shadow brought in a rock wren; it was still alive, and flew around for a bit before hiding under the piano.  Eventually Terry was able to capture it and take it outside, though it took some coaxing before it actually flew from her hands.

The band last night was wonderful - excellent dancing music!  Of course I only made it through one set, and at 10:00 headed back to the house to help Terry put Neil to bed.  But through my bedroom window I was able to listen to the next set while being comfortably horizontal!

This morning I awoke under the weather.  Did take a brief soak after we got Neil taken care of, but didn't really feel up to it and soon headed back.  

I felt somewhat better by mid-afternoon, when I walked up to the pavilion to check out the auction items, though I'm still dragging.  There's definitely a lot of nice art work this year! <g>

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