Thursday, August 10, 2017

This morning my laptop was beyond squirrelly... it would not turn on.  So there's definitely something wrong with it! The good news is that Steve got back from his soggy camping trip last night, and (as you can see) was able to get me up and running again today.  And he wrote down the steps he took so (in theory) I can fix it myself the next time.

I had a lovely soak in the apple pools
this morning before everyone here got up. 

This stump alongside has been nicknamed Moby Dick.

Pretty much had the pools to myself at first, and found my mind wandering to tattoos.  (Yes, I've seen a lot of them, many that are usually <g> covered up.) While I am not planning on actually getting one, I did think that IF I was so inclined, my tattoo of choice would be a small hummingbird.

And shortly after that, Nathan appeared.

Now to catch up on some of the bumper stickers I've captured.

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