Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Terry's sister Elinor came over for a visit yesterday afternoon, and the three of us sat on the back patio and discussed plans for the upcoming eclipse trip.  It's getting closer!  The current plan is to leave that Saturday and drive about halfway to Casper since we actually were able to reserve a room for the night in the small town of Walden.  That way we'll get to our "campground" (just a woman's field where she's renting out spots) in plenty of time on Sunday to set up camp and relax.  We really have no idea what the traffic situation heading to Casper will be, so allowing more time should make everything less stressful.

Last night Terry and I played cribbage again. Neil "helped" me, so this time I beat her (the other night she walloped me) though it was a close game.

This morning I was up early, back on my 'regular' schedule, and so took a nice hour-long soak in the Apple Pool.  Terry was still asleep when I snuck out, but I knew she wouldn't be getting Neil out of bed before I got back.  Got to visit with some folks I met last year - who not only recognized me right away, but also remembered my name.  Impressive!

Terry headed off to Salida this morning for her weekly grocery shop (which she actually enjoys!) but this time took Shadow - who was not at all happy about making a trip to the vet for his annual shots.  Here he is doing his "Princess & The Pea" impression last week.

His other trick <g> is "asking" for one of us to turn on the drinking fountain upstairs so he can take a nice long drink; for some reason he won't drink out of a bowl.  One of these days I'll take a picture of him 'performing'.

Dave and Jessica had to move camp yesterday, and their new spot is right near the house.  I think it's a much better location than the cut-out by Sunset (which has no shade!) but of course moving is always a hassle.  

There are a whole bunch of ducks (which is what I've always called the rocks towers, though it was a new term for Dave) lining their 'driveway' - but since their last name is Swan we've decided to rename them. <g>

They've got a couple of hammocks set up, one right over their side creek. 
What a perfect spot to read! 

Doley and Suki are on guard duty.

Late morning, after Steve and I got Neil squared away, I headed up to the party pool for an hour.  Yesterday afternoon I was especially careful (lots of sunscreen) during my hour at the swimming pool because of the time of day and bright sun, and happy to report that I avoided any pinkness.  It was earlier in the day today, and I was also in the shade part of the time, so I'm pretty sure I did okay again today.  (Of course by the you really know, it's way too late!)

There was a fair crowd up there since the swimming pool gets drained on Wednesdays for cleaning, and there were the usual interesting conversations.  Jessica and Dave were ostensibly headed up there around the time I passed their camp on my way up, but got hung up and didn't make it until almost time for me to head back to the house and relieve Steve.  Did get some nice pix of them.

I've fed Neil his lunch, and now we're just hanging out listening to relaxing music and waiting for Terry (and Shadow) to return.  It's trying to cloud over, and I hope that if we are going to get any rain (for a change yesterday we didn't!) it waits until Terry gets back and everything gets unloaded from the car.

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