Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My laptop is acting a little  squirrelly. Last night it was flipping out, and this morning it ate an e-mail I was writing to Mary; didn't even save it in Drafts.  Since Steve is on his annual camping trip (they, like us, have been hammered with rain) my resident computer guru is MIA.  

Yesterday Neil got a slow start to the day.  By the time we got him in the shower it was much later than usual, and with lunchtime looming Terry still hadn't had a chance for breakfast.  I did the shower routine, which went well except that I was getting rather wet washing him - so it made sense to strip down. Where else but at the hot springs can you do that?

Afterward Neil kept trying to stand up out of the shower chair. I retrieved the walker from the basement, and (with Terry holding on to the belt and me hovering right behind him with the chair) he took a number of shuffling steps, his first since the beginning of July.  Exciting!

After lunch I wandered up to the pool for a bit.  It was lovely when the sun appeared but chilly when the clouds did their thing, so I didn't stay terribly long.  Visited a little with Eileen & Kate (who were getting ready to leave), and also Marnie (Zanie wasn't with her this trip.)  Later walking back along the road, Graham's mom recognized me.  (He's grown so much since I took the deer pix with him by the apple pool several years ago I never would have recognized him!)  He perked up when I told him I was the one who took those pix. 

Last night we watched My Cousin Vinny. Terry had never seen it, so I had 'insisted' she must.  No matter how many time I see it it's still incredibly funny - and of course she laughed the whole way through.

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