Monday, August 7, 2017

On the way home from the Institute yesterday, Andy & Sandy swung by Maggie's house and Mom got to meet the newest addition to the family.  Having just eaten, 5-day-old Maggie slept through the entire visit.  Reportedly, Emily and Ed seemed a tad more sleep-deprived.... <g>

Speaking of moms - this is always good advice!  This van was from a dealership in Prescott, though was sporting a Colorado license plate.

I got in a lovely soak this morning under very overcast skies -
but when the clouds started to leak I headed back. 

There was a wedding held at the Everson Ranch (part of the OLT property) this past weekend.  Terry got an invite (she apparently helped them out with their pet a few years ago, but she can't put a face to Caitlyn and Tony) though she didn't attend.  Pretty sure Steve is friends with the couple, though he was busy with the annual party here.

The invitation was quite creative - and the wedding itself definitely was a 'different' sort of affair! The first unfolding shows the bridal couple dressed in towels, with a bat overhead -

and the next unfolding shows them shedding their towels. Dress for the dinner and reception is Colorado Casual - but the ceremony and after-party is Clothing Optional.

A map is printed underneath the invite
to help get non-locals from DIA to the festivities.

Saturday afternoon between 4:30-5:00 is when we got the torrential downpour here (and it turned COLD) so hoping it didn't dampen the festivities too much over at the ranch!

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