Monday, July 3, 2017

We thought we'd spend Tom's birthday tomorrow inside, at the Science Museum downtown.  At Mom's suggestion, I checked to make sure they'd be open, and it turns out that the only days they are closed are Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So this morning I headed over to the Juniper Library (our branch isn't open on Mondays) to see if I could capture one of the limited number of Culture Passes which would get us in for free. 

I arrived there early enough (got to stand out in the heat for the ten minutes before the doors opened) to be first in line, but it wasn't good enough.  Because obviously other people had planned ahead

and all of those museum passes were gone.  The next batch will be available on Wednesday - which is too late for us.

Still waiting to hear from Alex about whether we are doing lunch today or making a dentist run - which could complicate reuniting Tyga and Aja. 

In the meantime, I could always get in some sewing.

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