Friday, July 21, 2017

On my way to soak this morning I stopped by the bathhouse to post the flier about the Foothills raffle quilt.  In the parking lot outside Oak House I snapped a pic of this bumper sticker.

 I started off my day with a soak in the Apple Pool.  It's the perfect way to start a day.  Then I headed over to the swimming pool (before it got crowded) and swam some laps. Not as many as I had hoped, but 6 lengths of the oly-sized pool is better than none, right?  In theory I will up that number each day.

I rewarded myself with a soak in the Party Pool, which was pretty empty when I arrived; the only ones there were Saddle and his 'dad'.   

The sunflowers are not as heavy as I expected, but of course as the weeks pass there should be more and more of them.

There were a couple of goldfinches flitting around, one'chasing the other while making a lot of noise.  The general consensus was that Mama was teaching the youngster what to eat.  Today I tasted one of the squawbush sumac berries ("full of vitamin C") that grow along the edge of the pool, and was surprised at how sour and tart it was on my tongue.  No wonder some folks call it lemonade berry.

The sky was clear when I set out this morning, but the puffy white clouds started appearing over the western mountains as the morning progressed - and no doubt by later this afternoon we'll see more rain.

I finished up Ivy's bib this afternoon, so I'm all ready for her expected arrival tomorrow.  Yesterday Terry was showing me pix from her birth and earlier visits when she was tiny, but now Ivy is a "big girl" of four-and-a-half months.

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