Monday, July 3, 2017

Original plans to meet with Alex for lunch got shuffled to dinner, so I had time to cut out 3 sets of mesh bags and their accompanying fabrics. This picture of the watermelon-themed one will be going out to the Busy Bees so they can get their materials ready for the class.

Who knows - maybe tomorrow I'll actually start some of the sewing!

On our circuitous way to pick up Alex (long story...)
I saw this sign on the Loop 101 with a wise message:

Of course I find it incredible that we (still!!!) have to 'remind' people
not to drink and drive.... 

because it definitely seems like a no-brainer to me!

We ended up meeting Alex at the Marquee Theater at 5:00.  I'd suggested we eat at Wong's "as long as we were in the neighborhood", but today we discovered it's changed hands and is now The Mandarin House.  Dinner was okay - but definitely not as wonderful as the meals we remember enjoying at Wong's.

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