Tuesday, July 4, 2017

At dinner last night I had a great view of the front of Alex's shirt from the current All Time Low tour, but even though the band is from Baltimore, I was a tad surprised when I saw the Maryland flag on the back.  

Last night he was feeling under the weather (sore throat, and worsening congestion) and unfortunately this morning he still isn't feeling any better.  In other "Alex's health" news, he's losing the toenail from when the semi ramp fell on his foot a few months ago and broke a couple of toes - and the new nail is growing in weird.

Tom opened his presents this morning. I was able to get him to wear the birthday glasses for the picture, but <g> he declined to wear them the rest of the day.

One of the gifts I got him was a DNA Ancestry kit.

The other was a book I found
when I was at the Quilt Retreat up in Flagstaff over the winter.

I planned to bring my camera with me to the Science Center, but the battery was dying during the birthday photos - and the spare had not held its charge and was dead also.

There was a bad accident on the corner of 35th & Union Hills (emergency vehicles already there), and then another at one of the I-17 intersections (also with lots of emergency vehicles), and then we saw another one 'just waiting to happen'.  Just as we were about to get onto I-10 from I-17, Tom said something about a car and a second later a car going (at least!) 100 mph zoomed by me on the right, then cut across traffic from right to left to right. Scary!  I called 911 to report it, and hope that they had someone in the area to stop him before he kills someone.

At the Science Center I asked about free admission on Tuesdays, but they had recently changed that to Sundays (obviously no one told the Phoenix Public Library.) So then I asked if there was free admission on birthdays, but that turned out not be a "thing" there.  However, she decided to do us the Free Tuesday thing anyway, which was a nice birthday gift.

LOTS of kids there, enjoying the 3 floors of hands-on activities; in fact we may have been the only kids-free adults!  Virtually all the exhibits were 'new' since my last visit, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I did take a few pix with my cell phone, but of course the quality of those is vastly inferior to a real camera.

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