Thursday, July 13, 2017

Patti and I had a somewhat disappointing trip at Bookman's.  In the first place, they do not have a data base (!) so there is no way of knowing what books are actually there... which I found rather surprising for a business like that in this day and age.  I did check the various sections where the books Tom wants would/could/should be, but did not have any luck. 

They also did not have the particular books that Patti was looking for.  I did find a couple of quilt books that 'needed' to come home with me, so at least I didn't leave there empty-handed.

But our next stop, to nearby 35th Ave. was especially disappointing.  I had planned to buy 5 or 6 yards of Michael Miller black (with my 30% off coupon that expires tomorrow) but they did not have any - even though it is a staple for MANY quilters; they even have a labeled spot for it right there at the cutting tables.  I did voice my displeasure, so hopefully the woman in charge of ordering will get my message and remedy the situation.  IF this was the first time I'd understand, but it has happened before... a LOT!

I did not want my coupon to go to waste <g>

so I looked around and did find some fabric that will work well
for a practice One Block Wonder.

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