Saturday, July 15, 2017

The dinnertime news last night was overwhelmingly about the monsoon, and focused on our nearby intersection of the Loop 101 and I-17, stressing the dust and limited visibility impacting rush hour.  We did get LOTS of wind (Tom was grilling chicken outside) but <sigh> nary a drop of rain.  

When Wanda came over today she brought her iPad in the hope that I could help her.  She wants to put a shortcut to my blog onto her desktop.  Should be simple, right?  After more than half an hour and many Google searches we eventually gave up.  She did (at my suggestion) make an appointment for tech help at the Apple store, and they should be able to show her how to do it.

This afternoon I got Lisa's quilt bound (all except for where I still need to join it), then took a break to make a run to the library.  On the way home I stopped in at 'my' ACE - and got 3 keys made for the gate lock!  It was more important than ever, because Terry called earlier to let me know that there are schedule snafus with him doing two of the irrigations while we're gone.  So I am going to have to tap some of the neighbors after all, each of whom will need a gate key.

Late this afternoon we got a whole bunch of wind. Then for a couple of minutes we actually got some rain, though just for a couple of minutes - basically just enough to wet everything down.

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