Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Jim went easy on me at the gym this morning.  It may need to be another story when I start back up again after vacation!

After picking up a few items at the store (wouldn't want to starve on my drive, plus I got some needed cash) I gassed up and cleaned all the windows.  However I was somewhat distressed that the oil gauge was still reading only 20% oil life.  After my post-workout smoothie Tom and I checked the oil. It was a nice clear amber (you do not want to know how old I was before I learned that motor oil does not start out black...) and seemed to be reading full; incredibly the dip stick has NO marked 'full' line!  So <sigh> I drove back to Firestone.  Luckily it turns out that they just hadn't reset it the gauge, and happily that didn't take more than a minute or two. Now it reads the expected 100%, and I feel better about setting off tomorrow.

On Sunday morning I was laying out clothes for my trip on the bed, and had put the 2 (tiny!) hand-held hummingbird feeders with them.  (I found them at the bird store in Flagstaff back in January, and had been saving to bring them to Terry and Steve.)  Since they were so small I wanted to put them in something safe so they wouldn't get misplaced, but "somehow" they seem to have disappeared after I got the clothes packed before I headed to dinner and the concert Sunday night.  I kept track of them all this time, and then on their way to being packed they disappeared into thin air.

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