Friday, July 14, 2017

Boring <g> visit to the oncologist to get the results of my recent bone density scan; I'm still in the osteopenia category, which is good news. 

On the way home I tried to get a gate key made at ACE (for the irrigation zanjero who will be taking care of things while we're gone) but after much searching it turned out they were out of the necessary blanks.  I'm kicking myself for not having several made last time I was there, when it took a long time to figure out what blank to use.

Mostly uneventful session at the gym, though did significantly more weight on the glute machine (which I definitely felt today, and hope tomorrow I'm not feeling it more!)

I wasn't home from the gym more than a couple of minutes (was still prepping my post-workout protein smoothie) when Irene stopped by with Lisa's quilt.  It came out great (I'd given Irene carte blanche) and hope Lisa also will be pleased with it.

Wanda wasn't up for coming over as discussed (I have some things for her) so I ran errands.  First to JoAnn's to return the tub I ended up not needing for the DMC, and while there picked up a baby bib since I'm depleting my stash this summer making four bibs.  Got mailing envelopes at Staples so I can mail Marcela's purse and Bailey's bib, and HOLD MAIL cards at the post office.  The trick this time of year is to get in and out and back to the car before it heats up to a zillion degrees.  

Still needing a gate key for Terry, I schlepped over to ACE at 19th & Union Hills, where I had to wait while the guy helped someone else (and then had only made 3 copies but the guy had asked for 4, so he had to go back again.) When it was my turn he copied the wrong key; I told him the SMALL one! Then he had trouble finding the right blank and had to get someone to help him figure that out.  So it took a lot longer than it should have.  And worst of all?  When I got home, the key didn't even work.  GRRRR!

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