Saturday, July 29, 2017

Although the day dawned gray and overcast, the sun did eventually come out for a little while in the afternoon and we lunched on the back patio. 

Afterward I went to soak for an hour or so.  On my way past the swimming pool I saw this little guy sitting on the rock wall eating what I originally thought was a piece of fruit.

Turns out he was helping himself to this bag of chips on the table!

 I did not meet baby Ivy today after all.  The cousins are having so much fun together in Alamosa that the kids have been invited to stay over again tonight.  So Michael & Loretta didn't bring the kids back today, and the big dinner party has been shuffled to tomorrow.  Elinor and Richard are joining us tomorrow night (despite not knowing what is for dessert...) so it will be a family crowd of 9 adults and 5 kids.

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