Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Thought of Bana when I saw this bumper sticker on our drive yesterday -

and thought of Wanda when I saw this license plate in the parking garage.

Today's Pole Dancing class at Busy Bees was somewhat frustrating - partly because of the way Ada teaches, but mostly because the ruler I brought with me did NOT line up the 45° line with the corner of the ruler.  Is anyone surprised that I eventually reached my frustration level and packed it in and went home?

Here are the fabrics I chose, so (eventually) I could have an effective table runner.  I really liked the fabrics Monica was using, and look forward to seeing hers all finished.

Shortly after I got home Aja came to collect Tyga, who has been so "mistreated" here <LOL> that he was ecstatic to see her.

This morning FB started out working just fine - but at some point (and for NO apparent reason!) my laptop decided it would rather access Bana's FB page instead of mine.  Shutting down and rebooting the laptop did not solve the issue

and neither did anything else I tried. 

So once again it was Geek Squad to the rescue. (I have their phone number prominently displayed on my keyboard!) Matthew got that problem fixed without too much trouble, so while I had him on the phone I hoped maybe he could help me figure out how to get my computer to just sleep instead of truly shutting down.  Thought we had that taken care of - but apparently not.

This afternoon I stopped at the copy shop so Donna could enlarge a pattern for me, and in the few minutes I was in there the phone guy showed up next door for Sheri.  So as it turned out, by the time I had finished shopping in the new store (yes, I did end up buying more than I went in there for...) the credit card machine was working and I didn't need to dip into my cash stash (which I'll need for the guys mowing tomorrow.)

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