Friday, July 7, 2017

It was beyond toasty today.

The record high for this date, 115 degrees, was set way back in 1905 -
but we shattered that mark today, hitting 118.

I should have brought oven mitts with me when I did the irrigation gates on 35th Ave. this afternoon; those metal wheels were HOT!

Clouds hinting at monsoon storms have been gathering in the late afternoon recently, though only teasing us.  I'm thinking now that we've had irrigation <g> our chances for rain have risen dramatically. Apparently there actually was rain earlier ("for 4 minutes") in downtown Phoenix, but so far nothing wet from the sky here.  But tonight's news says we have rain "chances" every day for the next week.

Today, parts of Terminal 4 at the airport (where Tom was yesterday) were evacuated due to a suspicious package.  Glad he missed all that excitement.

Played with my geckos today.

Made arrangements to carpool with Ellen (and Donna) tomorrow,
and got my deviled eggs made. 

Now just have to pack what I am going to work on.

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