Monday, July 24, 2017

I slept in this morning big time!

Had a lazy morning around the house helping with Neil, then taking my own shower and having a late breakfast.  By the time I got the wire brush from Doug and headed up to the party pool it was around noon.  A couple and their little girl were busy looking at something, which turned out to be a garter snake slithering around the edge. So I picked it up to give the folks there a better look at it.  Here's 3-year-old Nila (and her parents Mark and Tara) enjoying the science lesson.
(FYI Science Camp Week started here today)

There was another dad there with his two little girls, getting ready to head back down to the campground.  The younger one was fine with "petting" the snake, though the older one declined - at first.  However she did eventually get brave and touch it.  I offered to take some snaps of them, though Dad said it wasn't necessary.  On my way back to the house I passed their site, and the mom said she'd heard I was the Snake Whisperer.  They all enjoyed looking at the pix I'd taken, and the dad admitted he was sorry he hadn't had me take pix with his daughters.

I got the handles and stairs for heading in/out of the party pool scrubbed nice and clean of slippery moss, as well as the 'landing' stone, and got a definite thumbs up for my work. 

Of course the moss will build up again, but for the time being it's much less of a hazard for everyone.

When I was returning the brush to the Welcome Center a woman was out front taking a pic of it (the welcome center, not the brush!) and I asked if she wanted me to take one so she could be in it.  She was quite happy that I would take the time <g> to do that for her.  Not like my schedule here is that busy.... and now she has 'proof' that she was here.

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