Sunday, July 23, 2017

Marie, who just finished up her courses to become an OT and is here at Valley View for a little R&R before taking her boards, stopped by this afternoon.  She had some excellent suggestions, such as ways to use Neil's physical reflexes since we can't count on him to understand directions or requests. We are certainly going to give them a try.

Saw my first doe of the summer when she cruised by the house around dinner time with her twin fawns.  Always fun to see wildlife, but especially the babies.  The deer certainly have plenty to eat these days after all the recent rains. FYI we had another heavy storm this afternoon - complete with hail.

Speaking of kids, Ed posted this pic of Charlie, Gordon, Sierra, and Harry snuggling under the quilt I made.

Must be the day for pix of kids; Perri sent me some pix of Bailey.  She should be receiving her name bib any day now.

Here's a picture of Terry and Neil (from 2012, when they were invited to take the inaugural soak in newly built Apple Pool) to help put faces to the names.

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