Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Terry had mentioned to me that Suzanne was coming up today with her grandson for his inaugural soak.  But I was surprised that she recognized me (and remembered my name) when I got to the party pool.  Gavin really seemed to be enjoying his soak, though Mom Monica was worried about him getting too pruned out.  At which point I sang him The Prune Song (a new one for her.)

I liked Suzanne's robe - nice and lightweight for the summer - and am thinking that Wanda could whip up a pattern for one of these!

Warren and Katie showed up for a quick soak (Egee is attending Science Camp.)  Warren didn't have time to whip up a fancy rock creation (like last year) but maybe I'll see one yet.  Pretty sure they're going to be around for a while.

This hat turned out to be Annie's.

When she and Mike got out of the pool I could see that tops of her buns were burnt, to an uncomfortable-looking rosy pink. 

I asked if she'd brought aloe (nope) so I had her rummage in my red bag for the travel container of aloe and slather some on. (I carry it around for just that purpose, because I am being careful and do not plan to need it for myself!)

No laps today; Wednesdays are pool cleaning day.

These campers have a hammock room!

It's official; guess Marla was right!  This was posted at the bathroom:

And here's the Science Camp poster.

I took the back way 'home' (that trail is all washed out and the pipes are exposed) and took a few pix of the swings.  See them in the background?

The kids loved swinging out over the valley;
the long chains meant they could get quite a bit of height!

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