Thursday, July 6, 2017

Last night we decided to do dinner at the nearby Subway around 7:00.  Their windows face west, and naturally the sun was blazing through them.  (Around the time we had finished eating and were getting ready to leave was when one of the employees finally got the bright idea to lower the shades.)  

It's a small place, with just a few tables, though only one was occupied when we arrived - by a man, his young daughter (about 3), and a friend of the dad's. The friend was sitting with his back to the sun, and Dad across from him was blocked from the sun (by part of the wall between windows?) so only the little girl had the sun shining in her eyes.  As I walked past their table to ours, I mentioned to her that if she moved to the other side of the table it might be better - so she did switch seats. 

Then I watched as she rocked her chair back and forth on its back legs, which made me very uneasy; I was afraid she'd tip over, but told myself it was just the worrywart in me, and didn't interfere. 

But guess what happened just a couple of minutes later?

Of course she slammed her head on the hard floor when she fell, and cried a lot. 

This morning I dropped off Tom at the airport.  He's been looking forward to his trip to Alfredo's mine outside Guadalajara for a long time.  Unfortunately the weather isn't going to be very cooperative; sadly it's supposed to rain every day.

Wanda and I went to lunch today at Outback (I'd only eaten dinners there before, but lunch was delish!) and then we shopped at Modern Quilting across the street.  Mostly <g> I was there to pick up the free Row By Row pattern -

But how could I leave without this quaint penguin panel?

Or this one of all the state flowers?

Wanda loved the cats' eye fabric I found for her yesterday at TOQS - even before she knew they glow in the dark!  Turns out she had a goodie bag for me, too: a new rotary cutter (like hers) and blades, and also the credit card holder she whipped up for me.

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