Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Penguins make me smile! But 'possibly' <g> I'm not the only one who wonders if they care about being on the Naughty List...

Tom chose Applebees for last night's birthday dinner (he went for their ribs.)  The restaurant was rather empty - we guessed most people were doing the family BBQ thing - so we were somewhat  surprised at how slooooooow the service was.

Afterward Tom wasn't interested in chasing down fireworks; think he was tuckered out from all the walking around the museum yesterday.  I do know his legs got tired from the mistake of wearing flip-flops instead of real shoes.

So this is how he spent the rest of the afternoon once we got home,
with Tyga helping him nap...


In a bit I'm off to Ada's pole dancing class at Busy Bees, then afterward plan to pop over to see Sheri's new store!  They did get everything moved across the parking lot yesterday and so will be open in their roomier quarters today.  Sheri's 'warning' that the credit card machine isn't yet hooked up should help curb my inclination (compulsion?!) to buy (yet) more fabric, since my purchases will be limited to cash on hand. <g>

Of course there's no reason I can't stop at the ATM first to plump up my wallet, right?

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