Sunday, July 30, 2017

After lunch Terry encouraged me to head up for a soak.  I made it as far as the swimming pool, and decided to do some laps.  But my hair has gotten so long that without a hair-tie it kept getting in my face and annoying me - so I quit after just 4 lengths.  

Look who was cruising by grazing as I was toweling off.  In these shots I am still by the swimming pool.  In the background above the doe if you look carefully you can see the heads of folks in the apple pool.

And I was not the only one taking pictures.

The flowers adorning the swimming pool deck are quite happy with all the rain we've had.

The bathhouse by the pool would have been nice when the kids were little. The red metal "triangle" in the foreground is the roof to the sauna.

And if you need a massage, just check the board opposite the bathhouse door to see who's around and available.


Never did make it up to the party pool, but I took a nice soak in the lower the apple pool. 
There's only one lone sunflower blooming there.  Can you spot it?

Here's a closer view to make it easier:

Janet and Roxie were just leaving Apple as I was getting there, and Roxie's name had come up as a possible Neil-helper for Steve during our eclipse trip.  I mentioned the need, and she's definitely willing to talk to Steve to see if they can work out a schedule.

Here's a good bumper sticker from my walk back to the house today:

Hey GMO - Stop trying to get in my plants!

I was almost back to the house when Aimee and friends were heading up to soak, and I admired her head "thingie".  Apparently she makes a lot of them, and was more than willing to have her picture taken. 

When I told her she'd appear on my blog she asked for the name of it - at which point I had a deer-in-the-headlights moment.

However I gave her one of my cards, and told her the ball is in her court. <g>

Wasn't back at the house long before it started to rain - again.  James and Deanna had hoped to take the kids down to the ranch this afternoon to play with some of the piglets once they got back.  Oh well...

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