Friday, July 28, 2017

James and his family - wife Deanna, daughter Alexis (12?) and twins Tatum & Gauge (9?) and dog Scrappy - arrived for a four-day visit.  I didn't take any pix yesterday, but until I get some from this summer here's one from last summer. 

Today while they are off for the day Scrappy is 'stuck' here with us. 
Here are Neil and Scrappy visiting.

Yesterday there was considerable moisture in the air, and up at the party pool we had lovely rainbow colors smeared in the sky.  Unfortunately my camera did not capture the vivid hues very well.

I'm loving the intense cloud formations!  These are also from yesterday.

And I'm hoping that at some point someone (maybe Alex?) can help me stitch these 3 shots into one panoramic view.  No doubt it can be done right on the camera - though "probably" not <g> by me!

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