Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Neil was still asleep when Terry left early this morning for a doctor's visit in Pueblo.  Steve and I are on Neil Duty, and Marie spent the morning here helping.  We tried several things (some worked, some didn't) and it was closing in on noon by the time breakfast, toileting, bathing, and dressing were completed.  

Marie heard from the raptor expert (she tags eagles in Mongolia) who is here to do some programs with the kids at Science Camp that there was a bear sighted in the campground last night.  NOT what we want to hear!

However until I get confirmation (could just be a rumor, or people 'heard something' in the dark that spooked them) I'm not going to get too worried.

The rest of the day should be easy, and we told Terry not to rush back.  Aside from a major grocery shop on her way back (there will be a houseful here this weekend) I'm not sure if she has any other stops planned.  

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