Thursday, July 13, 2017

My blast-off date for the trip to the hot springs is less than a week away, and it's no surprise that I will not be at all sorry to be putting the desert heat behind me for a while.  Tom is waffling about what he is going to do. 

He's been gone so much already that he's toying with the idea of staying home and just bringing some of his equipment from the shop into the house.  (Of course he may feel differently in a few days!)

This time of year everyone tries to head to the water.  Here's Alex catching some air at Lake Shasta on a recent day off during the tour.

Last night I arranged the DMC in numerical order, managing to squeeze it all into just 2 tubs.  (Originally at Mom's it had filled 7 shoeboxes!)  In theory <g> I have every color I should ever need for future projects.  Thanks, Mom!

Irene did not have my jelly roll quilt for me yesterday, though it is on her quilting frame and she  should have it done in the next day or so.  Now that I've shown Marcela's purse and Bailey's bib at Show & Tell I can get those ready to mail - but will wait to head to the post office until I have the quilt ready so I only need to make one trip.

Patti will be here in about an hour (we're off to Bookman's today!) so I suppose I should shower and get dressed.  I "may" need to make additional room on one of the bookshelves for today's purchases!

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