Friday, July 21, 2017

Terry and Steve both liked the Nectar Dots (for hand feeding hummingbirds) I brought them, and set them out today for the hummers to get used to.  We all expect great success with them here.

Neil recently stopped being able to stand, which has made everything that much more difficult.  So today Terry drove into Salida and rented a lift.  After dinner she practiced on me, transferring me from the bed to the wheelchair.  In order to make it as realistic a test as possible I didn't 'help' at all, because of course Neil won't.  But I didn't fight her either, which he is very likely to do. Slings come in a variety of shapes/sizes, and the one that came with the lift was long for me - but of course Neil is much taller.

Guess you could say now I've been slung?

When it was time for bed tonight, Terry transferred Neil from his wheelchair to the bed, with Steve standing by "just in case". But the process went considerably better than the 3 of us expected, and should get even easier with practice.


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