Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Despite being up during the night (and taking something at 2:00 to fall back asleep) I was still up quite early this moring. So I was able to pop over to the estate sale at Joyce and Jerry's, which started @ 7:00 - and where was already quite a crowd when I arrived.  Did not find much I wanted (Joyce had taken her quilt chest with her) though will check back on Saturday to see if the hammock out back is still there but at a reduced price.

Then it was off to Foothills, where they handed out 3 door prizes today.  The first name pulled was Ellen, sitting to my right.  The second name pulled was Kim, sitting to my left.  The third name called was.... not me!  <g>

Today was the Christmas in July program, where several ladies demo-ed quick gift project ideas.  I had to laugh at Marlene, who brought in a lovely garment bag (WAY out of my league!) and then made a comment to the effect that she assumes all of us are excellent seamstresses. NOT! 

And I proved it to her when we went out to the parking lot afterward (arranged before she'd made that comment) so she could give me help on how to sew the towels to 'hook' onto the headrests.

Lunched afterward with Linda and Kim at Zupa's, then buzzed over to JoAnn's since coupons had come in yesterday's mail.  I did find large plastic containers that should work perfectly for all the DMC thread, and counted it as a major coup they had gone on sale today for 40% off.  I bought 3 (all they had of that size/type) and think (hope!) that may be all I need.

It's not as hot as it has been (though still triple digits) but the humidity is up considerably, which in my book is worse than the heat.  We are seeing pretty white clouds, though.

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