Thursday, February 2, 2017

Jay never appeared Tuesday evening (we waited to eat until almost 9:00) or on Wednesday.  I'm a little concerned about what happened to him, but since I have no phone number for him (he called on the house phone) there's no way to check up on him.  Maybe he simply lost my card?

Barb Jansen's presentation at Busy Bees yesterday was wonderful. She will be giving a class at BB some point later in the year, and I hope I'm not out of town then.  Patti and I, art quilt neophytes, took a class from her YEARS ago when Quiltz was at its old location, but 3 hours was not nearly long enough for us.  Though we had lugged our machines, fabrics, thread, instructed, we never did get to the actual construction of our projects.  Of course now that I've made a couple (of very easy, basic ones) on my own I feel much more confident.  Barb's beginner class will give us the option of making one of these designs:

Her work is gorgeous, and here are some of shared yesterday
while pointing out various techniques of design and color.

While pictures never do a quilt (or any artwork for that matter) justice, these close-ups may help.

This quilt was my personal favorite yesterday.  Be sure to notice her sashing fabric; when she couldn't find what she wanted she decided to put her own pictograph/petroglyph designs onto the fabric!

The scenes are from all around Arizona, which she documented on the back.

Here are shots I took of the individual blocks:

Now it's Quiz Time!

How many of you noticed that there were 9 blocks in the quilt, but only 8 individual shots?  Not sure how I missed one...

After the salad luncheon (terrific spread, ladies!) a library run on my way home netted me 3 books waiting for pick up.  So I'm set for the next few days at least.

All these early mornings lately, waking before 4:00, have taken their toll.  I was really tired yesterday afternoon and tried to doze on the couch for a little while watching a movie , but I didn't have much luck.  So in order to make it through book club last night I had a cup of coffee in the late afternoon before "cooking": my red/white/blue dish to share consisted of a platter of red grapes, white jicama, and blueberries.  Of course it was nothing compared to the goodies Myra whipped up.  She always brings 3 spectacular desserts... even though she can't eat any of them, and doesn't even taste them during 'production'!  Naturally she always worries about how good they are, but I'm here to tell you that not only were they a delight to look at (she gets so creative) but there were practically orgasmic oohs and aahs when the ladies tasted them last night.

We did eventually get around to discussing the book, The Traitor's Wife, and all agreed that Peggy Arnold was quite a manipulative piece of work!  Most of us really enjoyed the book (I basically read it in one day) though a couple of ladies did wish there was more about Benedict Arnold himself.

Afterward one of the women left without her phone, and as Myra and I were getting ready to drive off she was pulling up at Cheri's house to collect it.  We had just made it onto I-17 to head home when Cheri called to see if we'd picked up Nancy's phone (no) because they couldn't find it at the house. That had to be big stress because Nancy, areal estate agent, uses it for work and is in the middle of a closing!

A few minutes later Cheri called back to ask if we'd look in Myra's notebook (that holds the wonderful magnetic name tags) which sounded strange to me.  But I reached into the bag in the back seat and started flipping through the pages - and sure enough, there was the phone.  (Since Myra would not be likely to look inside that notebook until the next meeting 2 months, Nancy would have been SOL!) So I called Cheri back, we got off at the next exit, turned around and headed back north, and then rendezvous-ed with a VERY relieved Nancy at the Circle K off of the Daisy Mountain exit.

Tom had just walked in the door from his trip to Tucson as Myra dropped me off.  Sadly his connection yesterday did not work out as hoped (they wanted tonnage of raw rock, not the finished cabs) but maybe Tom will have better luck with Bruce, the jeweler driving up from Tucson today.

And now I'm looking forward to my nothing-on-the-agenda Thursday!

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