Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My computer MAY have just bitten the dust. Rebooting (which I tried several times) has not solved the problem... it's stuck on the ACER home screen. Bottom line: no more pix from the quilt show until it's fixed (or I get a new computer.)

VERY sad phone call from Linda this morning. Elmo, who was just fine yesterday, woke them up early this morning, obviously not feeling well. As he rapidly worsened they decided to head to the vet and be there when it opened, but the little guy died en route. She guesses it was his heart. He was such a sweetie, and we loved dog-sitting for him. Always heart-breaking to lose our little friends, and Linda of course is devastated. 

Jim managed to put me through my paces at the gym this morning, though of course I didn't do anything that would require the use of my arm/shoulder (like using weights during my warm-up.)  And of course all leg exercises were done (one tweaked, another skipped all together) with my broken toe in mind. Yes, I'm a mess - but I did show up and work out!

On the way home I headed north on 35th to drop off a bunch of my books, and some of Patti's, at the library. The sky was so incredibly menacing in that direction that it was like watching an episode on The Weather Channel. And sure enough (anyone surprised?) 30 seconds before I pulled into the parking lot the skies opened up and it flat poured, complete of course with very loud thunder. As I made it to the overhang by the front door a mom was off to get her car, instructing her two little ones (dressed appropriately and adorably in rain gear) to wait there for her, and the little boy (maybe 4yo) announced to me, "I know what that is - funder." And yet when I left the library less than 5 minutes later the skies had cleared and it was barely raining.

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