Thursday, February 9, 2017

After quilting yesterday I took advantage of the gorgeous day to do some yardwork.  I trimmed all the bushes/trees in the front yard, and then Alex mowed with the push mower.  With all the rain we had a while back everything grew like crazy, but now it looks a whole lot better out there!

Cheri came over mid-afternoon and together we wrangled her 11 yards of red fabric intro 3 manageable pieces for her to sew together for the backing.  She did pre-wash it (3 times!) and showed me the color-catcher pieces from each washing.  The first one came out so dark she joked that there wasn't much color left in the fabric), and even the second one also had a good deal of color, though by the third wash it was a light pink.

Alex whipped up shrimp scampi for dinner, and it was delicious - both last night and then today when I had the leftovers for lunch.  Aja was quite quiet last night, understandably sad after learning of the death of a friend.  It's hard enough when someone has lived a full life, but mid-20s is way too young!

This morning our home phone was out again.  I did call Juan, but today is his day off and his phone goes right to voice mail. I will call him tomorrow and have him set up a(nother!) service visit.

It a lazy morning, which started off with a soak in the hot tub while listening to NPR; I heard a segment about Supai, protesting uranium mining near sacred sites.  Next I headed over to Judy's to deliver a thermorest - and got to tour her sewing area and see what she's working on.  Her apartment complex is adjacent to the mall, so it was quite convenient to knock off a couple more errands: to pick up protein powder, and a cord for my iPad.  Good thing I brought the frayed cord with me, because a good percentage of the ones on the display wall at Apple looked like they would work - but the guy who helped me said no, and got what I needed from the back.

We had gorgeous weather again today (mid-80s) though the folks on the East Coast have gotten hammered with snow.  THIS is why we put up with our summers!  I took advantage of the splendid weather and did more yardwork this afternoon - rake, rake, rake!  Once the can was full I was 'forced' to stop, but the front looks even better than before.  FYI We still hadn't gotten the riding mower back so I had called to check on it this morning.  Charlie said they were currently working on it, but it needed a lot of work and since there was some question about getting parts he said he'd call me back in an hour or so and give me a time frame.  

Alex and Aja enjoyed a long hike with Tyga this afternoon, and he seems to have totally recovered from his encounter with the car a couple of weeks ago.  They had invited me to go along, but I decided I'd rather do the yardwork instead.  Tonight three of us had a pleasant dinner at Valle Luna (Tom didn't get back from Tucson until around 9:00.)  The Girl Scouts were set up out in front, and Aja was happy to buy several boxes.  I didn't "need" to buy any because Colleen had brought my order of Thin Mints to quilting yesterday.  I was good and stuck both boxes in the freezer.... until this afternoon, when I rewarded myself after some of the yardwork.  

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