Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sunday I didn't make it through the full session at the gym, but as I was "apologizing" Deb assured me it's not a competition, and reminded me that at least I do show up each week.  So far we have not been able to get any of the buff men to join us (maybe they're worried a group of old women will show them up) but we keep trying. I did mention that I would invited Alex.  

After a month's moratorium on calf raises (even without any weight they kept bothering my bad foot) I did some on Sunday since my foot has been doing quite well the past week or two.  Now here it is Tuesday and (hope not to jinx things) I can say that that my foot still feels fine! 

After the gym I headed to the store to buy some salmon and fresh veggies for dinner, but just as I was getting ready to check out Patti texted to invite us over to watch the SuperBowl.  It's always more fun watching with others; just ask Andy and Ed -  few years ago they got to watch with a LOT of "others"!

However with all the football food Patti  put out I can't feel quite as righteous about what I ate.  Tyga got to go with us, and immediately made himself at home, trotting around to explore all the rooms in the house.  Todd from next door also came over and brought Salvadore (and grilled steak to share.)  Todd and Corey are both firefighters who work 24-hour shifts, so Patti dog sits on a regular basis and her house is a second home for Salvadore.  He was obviously hoping to 'meet' Tyga, but Tyga was not at all interested in him and artfully managed to evade and ignore him.  Poor Sal!  

It turned out to be quite a game (XI turned out to be the first OT Super Bowl in history) though after the first half it sure looked like a runaway for the Falcons.  There were some memorable commercials, and we all roared during the Melissa MaCarthy one (Save the Whales, Save the Trees, Save the Ice Cap, Save the Rhinos, which turned out to be for an Eco Car) but many of the ads did not seem worth the $5.5 million price tag.

Alex called during the game to ask me to open the guest house and put his car keys (which we have when he's gone) back there for him.  He was on his way home and going to surprise Aja at work (we all thought he was staying in Vegas to watch the game and would drive home on Monday) but of course we weren't at home.  Good thing I've got a key stashed in the garage.  It's well hidden, but does come in handy just for situations like that.

I slept incredibly well Sunday night, not even waking up for a bathroom run - then was beyond surprised when I saw how late it was when I woke up...8:00! And that was without taking any sleep aid the night before. Sure can't figure these things out!  Did have a couple of dreams that I can still remember, though.

Monday morning, before I headed off to lunch with Perri, I finished the placemat top, and in the aftenoon I quilted it.  It took many hours of cutting, pinning, sewing, and of course it still needs the binding, but the end is in sight and I'm pleased with it. Not quite as pleased with Tom, who (when I asked him to take a look at it) turned it over to check out the back and announced that he liked that side better.  Admittedly the back does have a great fabric on it, but still!

Perri and I had a wonderful time at Wildflower yesterday catching up on stuff while pigging out on their great food.  She looks terrific, and she's feeling reasonably well considering the chemo.  Of course some days in the cycle wipe her out more than others.  The best news is that it seems to be working because she found out at the doctor's that morning that her numbers are responding well.  Of course they'll know more after the year is up, but so far, so good!  

I loved the batik purse she brought, which of course she made.  It's the perfect size and has lots of pockets inside and out so I asked which pattern it is.  When I found out she's planning to make another one for someone I "volunteered" to come over and make one of my own along with her... "just in case" <LOL> I run into any snags and need help! 

I invited Alex and Aja for join us for dinner last night : grilled salmon, steamed broccoli, rice, Caesar salad, melon & berries, and croissants.  Pretty sure Alex hasn't eaten for a month or two.... he cleaned his plate, then Aja's (she has a small appetite), then had what were effect thirds... and then fourths!  Not a leftover in sight....

Afterward the four of us sat around, and while Aja tried to figure out the eyesight-vs-vision photo (Alex wanted me to show it to her) he picked up what turned out to be a puzzle eraser I had gotten in one of my goodie bags at quilting.  As he was rolling it around in his hand it fell apart, and after massive failure at putting it back together we found a YouTube video that showed how to do it.  After he eventually got it back together I asked how it had fallen apart since the final piece gets jammed through an opening, and he started to roll it around in his hand to show me, and guess what happened!  Maybe you heard us all cracking up?

I've been watching a lot of TCM lately.  They've been showing films that garnered Oscar nominations, and with one wonderful film following another I've found it almost addictive.  The other day I finally watched Camille, and found myself waiting the entire movie to hear one of Dad's favorite lines, "courage, Camille". While Greta Garbo's character was named Margueritte, I was disappointed there was not even a "courage, Margueritte" line.  Guess I still need to read the book...

Every time I answered the house phone yesterday it was a robo call, so the last time it rang I ignored it.  Of course that turned out to be a real call, from Cheri, and once the recording started I grabbed the phone.  She needs some help with a backing for her canning jar quilt, so the plan is for her to come over after I get home from the gym today.  

Yesterday was cloudy - and chilly, despite a forecast high of 70 which I'm pretty sure we never reached.  The sky this morning looks like more of the same.  Strange!

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