Sunday, February 19, 2017

Did do a little sewing this morning, and got my sashing strips made. Tomorrow I hope to get my 8 columns sewn together, though there's no way I can get my borders or backing made in time to hand a finished top over to Irene on Wednesday. 

Linda and I got packed up and headed back home this afternoon, and we had a yummy lunch at her favorite Chinese restaurant.  By the time I dropped her off and drove home it was around 3:30. Did manage to get everything in from the car (and most of it unpacked) before I played with the weekend's photos.  The good news is that all 125 pictures have been resized and cropped; the bad news is that I don't have the energy to share them on my blog tonight.  (The teenage soccer girls were VERY loud last night, so I was up until after midnight. I was not the only one they disturbed - and not the only one who thought about reminding them that there were people trying to sleep.) 

However the MIA entry from Friday "magically" reappeared and then let me post it... conveniently right where it should be, after Thursday and before Saturday!  So if you were disappointed that you couldn't read about my day on Friday, now you can. <g>

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