Tuesday, February 21, 2017

So busy yesterday I didn't find time to post! <g>  After I took a soak (I missed my hot tub) I got busy sewing - but didn't too much done because Patti invited me to go see Lion at the movies.  It had been on my list since I heard an NPR interview with Dev Patel some months ago, and we both thought it was an excellent movie.  

Our enjoyment may have been doubled (or possibly even tripled) by the comfort we enjoyed in the newly remodeled theater, where the oversize comfy seats not only reclined (a biggie for my back) but had full footrests.  It was almost like being at home (except without a way to pause the movie to go pee....)

When Patti dropped me back at the house she came in for Show & Tell, and admired the wedding quilt, the bird pillow, and the placemat and spool blocks I brought back from the retreat.  My afternoon was spent working on the wedding quilt, and of course I was not as close to being ready to sew the columns together as I thought; needed to make more strip sets, and add some blocks and half blocks to the ends.  

However, eventually I did get a couple of columns sashed together before we headed out to dinner (at Caveman Burger, a new place Tom wanted to try out) and it's looking pretty good.  

When we returned from dinner we watched Pocketful of Miracles (sure am enjoying TCM's 31 days of Oscar movies), but after a morning soak I'll be back at the machine until it's time to head to the gym.  

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