Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I called Colleen this morning to see if she had a red feather (she's always doing crafts with the grandkids) and when I stopped in on my way to quilting she had the absolutely "perfect-est" one!  It's going to be an adorable finishing touch for the birdwatcher pillow.

Since I was heading to 35th Ave. after Busy Bees (to find backing/binding fabric for Marilyn's birthday placemats) I took Colleen's 4 bags of scraps to drop off for the dog beds.  Even though that saved her a trip and freed up a little space in her garage, I was still the "winner", scoring that polka-dotted feather!

We all enjoyed Sharon's demo on using panels in Attic Window quilts.  I've made several AW quilts, but her extra step of an additional border (that thin dark strip) sure makes the blocks pop!

Only a few of the ladies brought in their hummingbird blocks, 
which sort of surprised me.  

After the meeting Betsy gave me a couple of excellent tips that should make doing the rest of the blocks a little less stressful.  

I've already pulled out my fabric for the tortoise, and I'm actually looking forward to whipping up the next block.  Of course if I run into any issue you "may" hear about it...

At today's meeting we had the auction for Joni's quilting stuff.  Tickets were a quarter each, and I did the pulling of tickets out of the cups - except for the 16" pillow; I fully expected to win that since I stuffed most of my $5 worth into that cup, and of course didn't want there to be any accusations of fraud! <g> 

Unbelievably I didn't win, though Monica did (and now that I think of it, maybe she pulled the ticket? lol) but she was a sweetie and passed it along to me!!!  That made me very happy because it saved me a trip over to SAS for one.  Thank you, Monica!

I did win a tublet of neutral fabrics (with only 1 ticket in the cup, naturally) which I offered to pass along to a disappointed Bee... but it turned out she wanted the other tublet of neutrals.  I also came home with a pretty glass jar of buttons (again, with only a single ticket dropped in the cup) which of course will always remind me of Joni!  Everything except 2 tins of safety pins went to a new home, and we made $111.

Nancy was selling more of her fabric today; she's obviously very serious about down-sizing her stash! Most of her stuff is nice and bright, but I was very good, only scooping up 4 pieces of yardage.

Show & Tell is always fun.  I had brought Wanda's cat quilt to show Carol K (whose house is totally decorated with cats.)  It's a Laurel Burch pattern, and all appliqued.

I also showed Marilyn's placemats, though "just in case" she decides to read this entry I won't be sharing with my adoring public - not yet, anyway.

It had so much stuff to carry in that it took me 2 trips in from the car.  I had kicked off my shoes before the second trip, and my arms were so full (or maybe I just wasn't looking where I was going) but somehow <sigh> I tripped on a shoe and did quite a whack job on one of my toes. 

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